Saturday, November 21, 2009

Have any one used the EasyStraight Hair Straightening System by Haime Munoz?

This is a home care system you can buy for about $29.99 and use yourself to straighten your hair. It supposedly works on color treated har.

Have any one used the EasyStraight Hair Straightening System by Haime Munoz?

I've used this product 3 times now (it lasts about 3-4 months on my hair) and I love it. It works so well that I forget that my hair isn't actually normally straight until the about 3.5 months in when i start noticing some flyaways again.

The product is a bit time-consuming (takes over an hour) and complicated to apply properly, but there are detailed instructions included and a flash animation on their website at

One thing I should note...i do not have color-treated hair myself. This product is fine for most people with color-treated hair with the following exceptions:

1. extremely bleached/highlighted hair (50% or more bleached /highlighted or overall color that is several degrees lighter than your natural color.

2. fine textured hair that is double-processed or bleached

3. very fine textured hair

4. hair previously straightened with relaxers containing lye, potassium, or guanadine carbonate

5. extremely long hair (below shoulders) requires help from a friend.

if none of the above 5 issues apply to you then everything should be fine, and I definitely recommend the product. There are people who complain about this product but I'd wager a guess that they used easystraight without following the guidelines or left it in too long. If you are at all in question about how long to leave the product in (it comes with a chart that gives you specific times based upon hair texture and amount of color treatment), there is a number you can call to help diagnose your hair.

One other issue to hair is not curly, per se. it is quite wavy naturally, but no tight curls, so if your hair is of a different texture, you might want to ask others with similar hair if they've used the product. I will note that the product changes my hair texture so significantly that I went out and got some volumizing product because it got so smooth and straight. After I got used to the change, though...I loved it and I'll continue using this product indefinitely.

Good's well worth the $30 to me (and you can sometimes find it for $25 at target).

Have any one used the EasyStraight Hair Straightening System by Haime Munoz?

it worked for me.

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