Saturday, November 28, 2009

Burnt hair??

Hi guys! I was just wondering how I can get my hair to stop smelling burnt after straightening it :( I know, I know, if it smells burnt, it's probably burning, but my hair seems fine after straightening it. It doesn't look burnt at all. I always wash and dry my hair before straightening it. Is there any way I can get my hair to stop smelling burnt after I straighten it?? (by the way, the heat setting is fine and I don't leave it on for an extremely long time)

Burnt hair??

im no expert on hair styleing but the water and shampo residue may be reacting with the heat giving it a burnt smell. i dont know make sure it is fully dry. and you got all the shampoo in your hair rinsed away

Burnt hair??

nope, youre going down a path of hair DESTRUCTION, you know. eventually your hair will look burnt too. dont do this everyday. try more natural hairstyles.

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