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Can i still straighten hair with straightening iron if dyed?

ive been usin this 'Remington Wet2Straight' hair straightener for lik two years now...i dont usually use it on wet hair__i usually put a heat protection lotion on my hair, then i blow dry my hair.then straighten it...

-i jus got my hair dyed a dark brown color. is it still safe to straighten my hair wen it is dyed? my hair is lik frizzy bout straightening my hair evry other day? wud this be better than straightening it evry day?(still usin the heat protection for my hair) there a way to style my dyed hair without lossin its color...i used the 'garnier fructis' hair color pack to color my hair...or if possible? a way to straighten my hair without usin heat?

Can i still straighten hair with straightening iron if dyed?

ok, so, first of all, my hair is dyed, highlighted, and lowlighted. i use a straightener. it works fine. id straighten it everyday. you're using hair protection stuff and if it includes heat it will be fine. if it starts to get really dry though, id use it every other day.

and there are a lot of different hair shampoos and conditioners that are meant for colored hair. and make them last longer i think.

ive never tried it but herbal essences products always smell really good. and one of their lines is called "Color Me Happy" for colored hair. you could use that. but theres a lot more to choose from for colored hair.

if you straighten your hair using product instead of heat it wont turn out very straight, all it is is spray, most of them are heat activated. but there are some smoothing shampoos and conditioners that help make it a little straighter, not much though.

Can i still straighten hair with straightening iron if dyed?

yeah, make sure you use plenty of conditioners and moisturising products though, and don't straighten it all the time, the last thing you want is dry, strawlike hair. And don't straighten it wet! If you don't want your hair colour to fade try using a colour-lock shampoo to prolong it. I'm sure there are straightening products out there, creams etc. you've just got have a good look in your hair product aisle and find one that works.

Or you could just use an anti-frizz product and embrace your natural wave, after all, wavy hair is just as beautiful as straight, and more interesting.

Can i still straighten hair with straightening iron if dyed?

Your flat iron won't fade your artificial color. Shampooing it too often will. It depends on the condition of your hair that determines how long your color will last. The more product you use the more you have to shampoo so the quicker it will fade.

Can i still straighten hair with straightening iron if dyed?

You can absolutely straighten your hair when its coloured.. if you are worried about the colour fading, use a colour treatment once a week, or switch to a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner.

A little tip for hair straightening, when its still wet, get a paddle brush (ask at a salon, they should be able to help), and clip up most of your hair, now using the paddle brush, do a normal brush stroke, but turn the brush over, and while doing this, have a hair dryer pointing to the section you are doing. Repeat all over your head, and then straighten it with the straightener, it makes it shiny, and straighter, plus on days when you dont want to use the actual straightener, its a quick way to do it.. I use the technique every day.

Hope I've managed to help you..

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