Saturday, November 21, 2009

I want my hair wavy after permanent

i got my hair straightened a couple of days back. i was told that it would stay like that for 6-8 weeks. but idont like it and i want my natural(wavy) hair back. how do i get it back ASAP? any fast tricks? PLEASEEEE HELP.....i reallllly want advice....

I want my hair wavy after permanent

go to sleep with it wet. then tame it in the morning. it should be all over the place when you get up

I want my hair wavy after permanent

I suggest you wait it out some. After all, strong chemicals are used.

Meanwhile, keep oil massaging the hair. Olive oil . And shampoo. Scalp massage is a great thing. This will nourish it. And bring the natural growth faster. You will soon feel better.

After a couple of weeks, you will get the natural back.

Easier to manage ones own natural hair.

I want my hair wavy after permanent

use hot hair waving tools of hair wavers. then put spray on it. i use it on mt straight hair and it looks very nice. but dont make it too tight, for a natural look.

I want my hair wavy after permanent

I don't feel the fast tricks would help you. You've to undergo some chemical treatment to make yours wavy.It would be safer to consult your beautician rather than considering our advices.............

I want my hair wavy after permanent

It depends on the product used to straighten your hair. If your hair was flat ironed straight just a wash-n- deep condition should bring it back to normal.

If your hair was chemically straightened with a relaxer. You can't go back to your natural hair. You can try wetting your hair and adding some gel letting it dry naturally.It will give you some of the same effect.

A relaxer is permanent! Only your new growth will resemble your natural hair!

I want my hair wavy after permanent

there is a reason you were told it will last 6-8 weeks.


what makes you think it will curl after you've been told by a PROFESSIONAL that the straightening will last 6-8 weeks?

do you think she's a idiot or something? did you have your ears on when you were told 6 - 8 weeks?

go get a perm and watch your hair fall out. lol.

it doesn't matter what you try - it won't work if the straightening was done properly.

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