Saturday, November 21, 2009

Help with hair straightening?

i have VERY LONG HAIR. down to almost my butt. its naturally wavy and very poofy and frizzy. i wanna straighten it for everyday

any tips please?

Help with hair straightening?

when straigteneing, dont stop half way down a piece of hair, because this will leave a kink.

dont put a big wod of hair inbetween the straighteners, but a resonable size.

always use heat protection spray.

Help with hair straightening?

you know something, straight hair looks amazing but it can be so hair is full of split ends but ive become so addicted i cant help but not straighten it. i use ghd which is the best but it gets really hot so i suggest maybe babyliss. i don't know if you should do it everyday, if you have reaaaaaaaaly long hair it will take forever. maybe straighten it one day, then the next day leave it wavy by applying hair serum to it to stop the frizziness. i usually put my hair in small parts so i straighten each bit in turn.

Help with hair straightening?

Well if you want to straighten it everyday you have to protect your hair from the damage. Use products for it, or else you are going to have split ends. I use Paul Mitchell super skinny.

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